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“At Matt & Nat Bakery we take pride in producing wholesale products that are personal. While our variety is substantial, no detail goes unnoticed. Our premium, local, ingredients may be simple but our passion changes the equation. Fresh ingredients transform into the most delicious award winning cakes, desserts, pastries and a variety of baked goods. Our focus on innovation, artisan quality and the strictest food safety standards makes us who we are at Matt & Nat.”

Ron Kleijn



The Workshop

Our products are produced fresh daily in our workshop. At Matt & Nat we pride ourselves in products that are not only handmade but unique. In the workshop, our chefs are constantly pushing the envelope with both creativity and flavor to produce only the best desserts for our partners.

We consider this


At Matt & Nat we believe that wholesale does not have to mean impersonal. We encourage our chefs and award-winning decorators to create products that are not only delicious but beautiful down to the smallest detail.  Every dessert, pastry and cake that is sent out is artfully crafted with flair by our family of artisan pastry chefs.